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His Soloworks include acoustic as well as electronic setups and instruments. Calling himself “Clavierist” comes from the use of all key (lat. clavis) instruments.
On his new album “Cosmic Buzzing“, theres keys (stage piano, synthesizers), next to guitar, drum machine (with original samples of e.g. prepared piano), voice and shruti-box.

The analogue, pad-like synthesizers make space for extend e-piano improvisations and electronic-noisy soundcollages, that concludes in atmospheric, loungy and psychedelic moods.

The solely acoustic projects include prepared piano, inside piano playing techniques and free improvised music as well as playing Pop and Jazz pieces and playing chord and melody based improvised music.
You can listen to the chord and melody based improvisations on YouTube: “Entenburg” is reviewing video games and likes to use this music as his background.