His musical path started when he was 10, learning how to play the keyboard. Being his fundament, the different sound options of the keyboard have been essential for his style till present days. Improvisation and different timbres and styles where one of the most important aspects of his early lessons.

He then started to play classical music and began to discover the possibilities of acoustic pianos. Throughout his investigations of contemporary acoustic piano music he began to look more detailed into Jazz, started to learn its basics and after some years started his study of Jazz&Pop piano in Arnhem at “ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten”. He was heavily influenced by the free music scene and improvised music, but also by mostly scandinavian, pattern-based Jazz, european classical music and other traditional music styles from all over the world.
Among others, he had lessons with Jeroen van Vliet, Etienne Nillesen and Reinhard Siegert.

During this period he experimented with inside-piano playing and prepared piano techniques, to develop his own sounds and to do further research. The freedom of sound and alternative use of form, structure and dynamics was influential for his electronic improvisations as well.

Whilst exploring music without boarders of genre he takes part in different projects, such as “qpiavis”, “Haare schneiden”, or his duo Pop-project “Jozy&Miqla”.

He is currently giving private lessons and is teaching at “MuKl – Musikschule Kleve-Kellen”.