Jozy & Miqla

This duo of keys and voice presents unique covers of well-known pop songs like the Police’s „walking on the moon“ in a totally different outfit, mixed up with own compositions that move the boundaries of pop music to jazz, electronic and rock, always filled with character and very personal, emotional moments.

The young dutch singer Jozy colours the songs very gently as if she would softly whisper in ones ear and then shifts to a thicker, nearly aggressive high pitch that lets you feel the tension. Her warm and versatile voice is sometimes processed with effects, that gives her voice even more shape.
German pianist and keyboarder Miqla adds a rooted stable piano-playing with atmospheric synthesizer sounds and an earthy bass-synth, that give the compositions space to breathe and feel free – to drift away with thoughts, while still being grounded in the moment.
Together they create a special and unique atmosphere between nightmare and daydreams, loneliness and freedom, time and space.

Check the dates if you want to see them live!

This is an audio-recording of them performing „Walking on the moon“: